Changing Materials

Is it possible to change the textures for different materials used? For example, If I build a “Exterior cladding with Plasterboard” wall, I’m only given two options for siding. I’d like to use my own siding textures for the walls. But any time I make a change to the wall, the texture reverts back to the default PlusSpec texture.

(I understand you will include a larger library of siding down the road, but what do I do in the meantime?)

Hi Matt, we have just finished the new Plusspec alpha version and yes you can create your own textures / materials and associate them with wall sizes and wall categories oh and it is a simple drag and drop interface. I will do my best to get you an alpha copy this week or early next. You will also notice that you can associate price and labour with your product and in the near future you will be able to share you materials with your chosen associates. The only restriction is you need to use copy right free materials or get permission from the creator to use them.
No doubt you will see the advantage of this when you use it. I especially like the ability to do a feasibility study for these materials. It allows you to show your clients the material on the wall and it also allows you to show them the cost associated with the construction type and the products chosen inside the wall.
Why did we do this? To be honest I got tired of drawing homes that never got built due to price. Giving the client the ability to see where money is spent in the early stages of design give you the ability to design to budget, which in turn decreases the likelihood of your design not getting built.

Notice to the community If you have copyright free materials please send them to us and we will add them to a library for you. We will make a formal post about what needs to be done in the coming weeks.

This, being a previous concern expressed, will make this even more viable than before. I’m looking forward to testing this and Congratulations on the development.

This is great. We really need it. Many people create textures on the fly or at the very least change the default sizes and UV properties of materials/textures. You might contact SketchUp Texture and see if they want to partner with you for cross advertising in exchange for using their texture base… Here’s their site.

From the Plusspec side of things and for the industry the only textures we will make public will be the ones that can actually be associated with a product. If the end user decides to create their own texture and call it what they please that is Okay. Essentially PlusSpec was designed so it was not possible to specify a product that can not be purchased. Obviously Geo location of textures will be implemented as the delivery cost of Australian bricks to the USA will be expensive. :slight_smile: