Changing exterior wall colours- best method?

I am wondering what is the most efficient way to change exterior wall colours, while retaining the texture?
Lots of steps seem to be involved…and retaining the texture / material is important.

So far, If I have say - blue weatherboard cladding, and want to change it to white, I have to explode everything before changing the colour, and then the texture/ material are lost when the colour is changed.

Is there a better way?

Hi Ian,

There is a much easier way of changing the wall colour. I have done the steps below.

  1. Open your ‘Paint Bucket Tool’. In your ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ select the ‘Sample Paint Tool’. Once selected click on your wall. See screen capture below.

Selecting The Material.jpg

  1. Select the edit button below the material picture. You will see a colour wheel appear and texture options.

Selecting Edit.jpg

  1. Now move the little square on the colour wheel and you will notice the wall colour changing. You will also notice that there are lines over the wall. Go down to Texture and select ‘Colorize’, this will remove those lines.

Changing Colour.jpg

  1. For accuracy on your selected paint you can go onto ‘Picker’ and select ‘RGB’. You can then go onto your paint companies website and find the RGB values for your selected paint and enter them in here.

RGB Values.jpg

This will change the wall colour for every wall with the selected material.

Kind Regards