Changing Colour on Studs, Joists and Headers


I recently started using PlusSpec and asked how to change the colour of different timber types, whether they maybe H2 or H3 treated, 70x35 or 90x45 etc.

I thought this would be great if you wanted it for quick translation or reference rather than zooming in and out all the time, as well as for presentation to the client. Andrew Dwight replied very quickly and said he had a spare 40 mins to do a tutorial on it which was great, see the link: …

Big shout out to Andrew for the prompt reply!

Oh, thanks, Athol. :sunglasses:
The short text answer on how to change the colour or texture of anything inside Sketchup is below:

  1. Go to Material in Default Tray In Windows See the image below
  2. left-click “Select.”
  3. Choose the eye dropper ( a preview of the texture will show in the window to the left) To see these options click the down arrow with the plus under it
  4. Click “Edit”
  5. To change the colour, you can use the colour wheel, RGB, HLS or HSB and move the sliders or type in an exact, or you can use the material picker next to the “picker” drop-down
    6 If you want to change the texture and material, click on the folder icon under the “Use Texture Image” heading.
    How to change colours and textures of Sketchup materials joist framing and trusses inside Sketchup and PlusSpec.jpg
  6. Choose the image you want. TIP don’t use large images it will slow Sketchup down. :arrow_right: I use FastStone capture ( about $20 perpetually) to resize my textures; there is also a free image resizer called FastStone photo resizer; both are easy to use.

I hope it helps