Change wall cladding half way and add windows

Hi Dean!
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I am drawing a house and want different facades, in the picture below I want the wall with the windows and to the left to be brick up 772mm then scyon linea wall cladding the rest of the way up. This means the windows are half in both walls. I tried to split the windows (as per you 2 storey instructions) but I needed to do this right up to the window and it didnt work. How do I do this, Im thinking I need to make a new wall type altogether but Im not sure how to do this with 2 wall types in one, your tutorial only shows one wall type.

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Cheers Sam

want cladding on top.jpg

Bumping this one Dean, I really need to finish it today xx

Hi Sam,

I have created a quick tutorial for you. I have emailed you the video.

For everyone else I will make an in depth tutorial next week on our tutorial section. If anyone is in need for a basic tutorial write here and I will send the video over until the other is completed.

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Hi Dean, have you sent that email as I havenโ€™t received it yet.

Hi Sam,

I have resent the email. Please let me know if you receive it.

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Thanks for your help today Dean, I am so happy with the results

This is a Dual key home with 3 different facades we are proposing for a house and land package :slight_smile:

VIZ__The Avoca_Traditional_Street View red_4web.jpg
VIZ__The Avoca_Contemporary_Street_4WEB.jpg
VIZ__The Avoca_Vogue_Street View_4web.jpg

Hi Sam,

Awesome job! all facades look great.

Keep up the good work.

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Is the tutorial mentioned still available? What is it called?