Change the sliding direction of double window

I’m new to this and will probably have many questions :confused:

  1. Can u change the direction of a sliding window as you can a door swing? I am using the double slider window and it has the fixed window on the outside edge and sliding in the middle, I want sliders from outside going in.
  2. I have an old mishmash house with part double brick, part single skin with engaged piers with stud infill and part stud with external cladding downstairs. How would you tackle this? I started to draw all dble brick then split parts and unlocked them and moved them to suit but it wasn’t working too well and walls wouldn’t join properly at corners
    Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.15.00 pm.png

Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

Questions are fine :slight_smile:

In regards to question 1, yes you can and it is very simple. Take a look at the link below, the link is to our tutorial which can be found by opening the window tool :window-tool: and clicking on the ? in the top right hand corner.

In regards to question 2 there are a few ways to do this. In our wall tool :wall-tool: if you press the ? in the top right corner there is a tutorial on how to do this. I have supplied the link for you below :slight_smile:


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thank you Dean

Thats our pleasure :slight_smile:

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