change joined wall to no mitred angle

I want to bring a wall I have already projected and joined out with a nib, so I don’t want the wall mitred. Is there a way I can change this to be a flat end without deleting it and drawing the wall and all the doors and windows again?
Cheers Sam
take away projection.jpg

Hi Sam,

There are two ways to do this.

If you only want the external brick to continue out the best way is to just add a single brick wall to the end with the same material. This will estimate correctly and only takes 30 seconds.

Single Brick Nib.jpg

If you do want the insulation and framing as well as the external brick than the best way is to redefine your current wall. To redefine a wall, right-click on your selected wall go to +walls - Redefine Wall

Now select the external part of the wall and write in your measurement that you would like to extend.

Redefining a Wall to create a Nib.jpg

You will notice that it is still mitered. You will have to manually edit this but it is very simple. I did this in under a minute and a half, check below.

Very Quick Redifine Wall Manual Edit.jpg

Kind Regards

I added the extra bit of wall as suggested, thanks Dean.

Good to hear. Once added just edit the position of the material so that it matches up and looks seamless.


Kind Regards