Cavity Slider Doors

Hi plusspec, Im currently using plus spec for framing BOQ , and I have noticed a little glitch. When I place a cavity slider in a wall and go into structure mode to look at the framing it only frames the cavity slider door as if it was a single door opening, it doesn’t allow for the slider frame plus opening. there for the head allowance in to short.

G’day Monument, originally we had the cavity sliding pocket associated with the door, the style and the pelmet yet we removed the frame work for aesthetic reasons namely clashing faces. I just a test just now and noticed due to this the pocket itself is not estimating, well picked up thanks. :slight_smile:
We will make sure that this in the next release. Is there a particular brand you would like to see? Corinthian or Hume doors? I also assume you would like the pocket to be labeled the same size as the door. EG 90mm * 820mm Cavity sliding pocket

Hi Monument,

Just letting you know that there was a PlusSpec updated released today (v17.3.0) which has some updates to the cavity sliding doors.

Hope this helps you out! :slight_smile:


I am still getting this issue.

  • where the frame still shows where the cavity is meant to be.
    Is this still something you are working on, or am I just doing it wrong?