Can't download PlusSpec Full Release?

How can I update my pre-release version to the Full Release? I have re-downloaded from my subscription page but it is not updated. Also the account page has not extended my subscription date although that was supposed to happen when the full release came out?

Hi All,

Apologies about the confusion.

We have fixed the problem, and you can now download/update PlusSpec2015.

Thanks, the download worked but I just get blank “PlusSpec Dialog” panels when I press the floor tool/wall tool
/etc buttons. I have redownloaded the plugin and reinstalled but still not working… How can I fix this?

Anybody there? This is getting very frustrating. Can you get the software working?

Hi Uriah,

We are currently having a MAC issue. We are working on this error very hard and are doing our best to get it fixed asap. I have emailed you also with other information.

Very sorry
Kind Regards