Can I have a separate Library

My work has 4 licenses under the one plusspec account, is it possible to have my own library (materials library) for my system and not one that is shared across 4 systems?

Hmmm, I was wondering why you would need this. Could you elaborate?
Did you know that if you draw a model using a material that is not shared, the estimate will not report the quantities? So if you have an Architect or Designer that created their own custom material, they’d share their library with you so you can use it to quantify or rename.
We have been working on a new version that enables different libraries for different people. Still, it is not public yet… It would be good to get some use cases before we deliver via a beta-testing version. Another solution would be to have each license under the user’s email address as opposed to many licenses under a business “admin” email address. You could then use the Library sync for this who need to share materials inside the building company.

I would prefer to keep my library separate from others to avoid having clutter that some users make when they try to create a new material and don’t clean up the materials that didn’t come out how they were meant to be. Does that make sense?

Because then I can’t remove the materials/colour whatever it may be from my list of drop down options without removing it from the library entirely?

Yep, it makes 100% sense. :wink:
Hey PJS, I hope this helps. BTW what company are you working for?

From my perspective, it does not seem like a good idea to change the software because the users don’t clean up their library. Maybe it is because they don’t know how?

If the content is rubbish for everyone, why don’t you log in and clean it up? Natpjs, you have access to the library as you are on the same license.
It is straightforward to clean up libraries, and it’s good practice as it makes PlusSpec work faster for you and them. So I would send them a step-by-step on how to clean up unused materials.

Here is how to remove unwanted materials:

  1. Go to “Materials Selection and Finishes” section inside any tool that draws. EG wall tool, post/column, beam tool etc
  2. click “Create material.”
  3. At the top of the page, you will see “manage library.”
  4. You can scroll through the materials and click “Remove” on any material you do not want
    TIP#1 The oldest materials are at the top, and the newest materials are at the bottom when you scroll down.
    TIP#2 Push CTRL F on your keyboard to search by material name
    remove unwanted materials from PlusSpec PlusArchitect PlusDesignBuild design BIM plugins for Sketchup.jpg

If this does not work for you, why don’t you talk with your administrator and get your PlusSpes license changed to your own email address? Removing shared libraries is easy when you have separate email addresses all you need to do is:

  1. Click the Sync tool in the PlusSpec toolbar
  2. Click the second icon, " Share library tool."
  3. Click Remove on the library
  4. Click Sync and close
    How to remove materials form PlusSp PlusArchitect and PlusDesignBuidl using the Sync tool.jpg