Bug Splat

When installing my PowerPoints and switches on my document, my SketchUp would randomly crash after deleting a PowerPoint that didn’t work, I realized that this error would occur and saved my plan. After crashing I tried loading up my program where I am unable to open up my document with an error saying, “unexpected file format”. My SketchUp and PlusSpec both work, I believe that only the file isn’t working. If you could get back to me as soon as you can that would be great.
Browns Residency Scaled Plans.skp (11.8 MB)

It is strange as Powerpoint has nothing to do with Sketchup. My guess is the graphics card crashed on your computer. You can check how much memory is being used By pushing CTRL ALT Delete simultaneously and the go-to Task manager. If yrou memory is approaching 70% there is a good chance you ran out of memory. This is something you need to talk with your local computer guy about.

As far as a file not opening, I am not sure exactly what you mean here. In some instances, Sketchup files will save as .SKB files (SketchUp BackUp File) You can right-click the file and choose open with SketchUp, and I am pretty sure you can simply right-click and change .skb to .skp and then open in Sketchup.

When I look at the memory it says it’s at 30%, is that a healthy percentage?

My Sketchup file was saved as a skp and I can’t change it to skb or anything else.

Thank you for getting back to me


I downloaded the file, and it crashed Sketchup straight away, so I posted the Bug splat report to SketchUp. Is anyone else getting this issue with the attached file above? It is possible it is an older SketchUp file, maybe SketchUp Make; I’m not sure.

In my experience, the best way to recover a Sketchup file is to search for the filename on your computer followed by.SKB (it should be stored in the exact location as your .skp). In this case, you’d be looking for: “Browns Residency Scaled Plans.skb” Then right-click the file and follow the prompts to “Open with” Sketchup.exe, which should be stored in your program files.

Interestingly, the issue came about when you used the Power point component. I know we rectfied and released an update with the functionality of Power points at least 12 months ago. What version are you using?

Alyssa, can you please always check that users are up to date before posting? I guess Liam is using an old version with a bug previously fixed.

This is how to check if your version if PlusSpec is up to date.
First click the :help-tool: icon in the plusspec toolbar.
At the bottom left-hand side of the help screen, you should have two blue boxes stating: Your software version is up to date & Your material library is up to date. If either of these boxes is Grey it is essential to click the button and follow the prompts to update PlusSpec or Sync materials
How to check your verison of PlusSpec PlusArchitect and PlusDeisgnBuild is up to date .jpg

I hope that helps.

Thank you for getting back! I did end up getting rid of the file that I sent you and got a working one going so I can’t check that. I believe I am using the current version of PlusSpec and SketchUp and the blue boxes are blue. I think I may have found something else that also corrupts the file. I think it may be the kitchen benches, fridge or the pantry? Luckily I had a backup file so nothing was lost but that may be something to look into?



Hmm, Im not exactly sure what we are looking into, I would need to see a file, but Im glad you didn’t lose any work… I think.