Brisbane Users

Just a quick note, is there any proficient user of PlusSpec in Brisbane who would be willing to help bring me up to speed. I am a residential builder, proficient in SketchUp, I can see the benefits in BIM PlusSpec and keen to use the program in my business.



Hi Terry,

Currently we don’t have anyone based in Brisbane but we do have some very helpful tutorials that will start you off and can help you become very familiar with PlusSpec. After watching and interacting with the tutorials you will understand PlusSpecs tools how they can benefit you. These will help you get up to speed in no time and afterwards you should be able to become a proficient user of PlusSpec.

You can find the tutorials here -

We also have an interactive tutorial that you can download from our free 3D model site Rubysketch, here’s the direct link to the interactive tutorial that is very much worth the download and you’ll greatly benefit - … lFileType=

We are very sorry for the late reply, we had issues with the forum and the post got missed.
Thankyou for the post and I hope I have helped. Hope to hear from you again soon, good luck

Kind Regards