Brilliant By Design_3D Building Service

Hi guys,

My name is Lloyd Bennett and as of 2019 I will be heading up a 3-D building service focusing on providing Australian Builders/Designers with high level 3D modelling, Estimating and Drafting using sketchup and plus-spec. I am a builder by trade and have been using Sketchup for over 10 years, and plus-spec since its first beta release. I am currently looking to make contact with prospective clients. If you are interested in this service please make contact with me and I will happily send you a service guide and some examples of our work.

Thanks again to the great team at plus-spec for their product offerings and dedication to constantly improving it for users!! What a fantastic program!

Sincerely yours,

Lloyd Bennett
Brilliant By Design
0413 212 990

Here are a few screen shots and sample documents from a current project. As part of this project we engineered all the timber members, provided bracing and tie down detailing, a full set of framing plans and a series of user friendly 3D models for the builder and his carpenters on site.

I have also included a promotional video I helped produce for a fantastic building company in Newcastle recently