Box gutters

Hi, do you think that box gutter option will be implemented in the future? I noticed in one of Andrew’s videos, he has a detailed model, with a box gutter. If this was not generated by PlusSpec, where is the best place to get a standard box gutter component from?



This option should be available in both the included roof tools. Make sure the option named Gutter Profile is not None.


Does this give an option for a box gutter? I can only see standard profile gutters.



Hi Dp,

When using the Roof Tool you should be able to select the following gutter profiles as shown in the image below:

The Options are also listed below :

Generic Quad 150 High-Front Gutter

Generic Quad 150 Low-Front Gutter

Generic Quad 175 Gutter

Are these the Box gutter options you are after? or is it a different profile to the profiles listed above?



Hi Dan,

Please see the below PlusSpec video for an example box gutter. What was used for the box gutter in this video (or was it simply drawn using standard Sketchup)?


HI Drew, I actually drew the box gutter and used the bim tool to quantify. In saying that you can use the existing gutter and open the component and drag drag the edges with the move tool.