Bottom plates

Hi team,

I’m missing something. Best length I can get on top and bottom plates is 16’. How do I get rid of the 24’ option? Thanks Cody

Hi Cody,

I’m unsure what you’re referring to for the top plate option. If you referring to the Adv Framing page of the takeoff, this can be adjusted using the Min. Length & Optimal Length fields (circle in the image). The Import/Export Order Length buttons (circled in the image) will allow you to change the Optimal Length field options.

If the above isn’t what you were referring to, could you please provide some more information & an image for your desired result?
Adv Framing Order Lengths.png

Apologies on the late reply. I believe I’m tracking on what you mentioned. I’m still getting top and bottom plate sizes over 16’. Some 28 some 32’ long. I have 8’ minimum and 16’ maximum limits set.