Block walls - set at 90mm

Guys, when choosing a block wall if defaults to 90mm [or am I missing something]. Is there an option for 200mm block?

Generally our building industry accepts a 190mm block dimensioned at 200 as they know where to add or subtract their perpend on site.

Is there an option for a custom size wall?

Actually this would be handy in general to be able to build a custom size wall for say existing buildings. What do you think?

Hi Andrew, In short yes we could add a custom wall size yet the main reason for PlusSpec was to reduce drafting errors by designing with products and sizes that are available on the market. This why it is taking so long to get the rest of the world done. Nominal sizing and actual sizing need confirmation… We are working on it @Igor… if you are reading
It is possible in the latest release to change wall thicknesses by reducing or increasing the cavity size.
I found a common error made was when new drafts people draw stud walls at 100mm thick when it is now only possible to buy 90mm timber. Adding and subtracting the 10mm on site when chalking the walls out can be frustrating when it comes to multiple walls, especially internal walls. It is easy for the contractor to get out by 50mm over 5 walls due to addition and subtraction whilst allowing for the 10mm. It is a common issue that we are trying to rectify by designing with actual products.
I have had several emails about walls with cavities as existing cavities do vary. We can add a thickness to finishes very quickly eyet I feel that this may bring us back to the same problem. I have considered having internal and external finishes on different layers so they can be turned off and the actual nominal size can be exported. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.
Wall thickness on block walls PlusSpec and RubySketch.jpg