BimBit component hidden details

When downloading a freestanding bath from BimBits (Dado Deonne) if I D/L it “straight to model” it always come up with all the hidden geometry (see attachment). if I D/L to its own separate sketchup file it is perfect. Yet when I D/L basins they are fine.

Why is it so? Some setting somewhere I cant find. How do I correct it?

bath hidden geom.jpg

Hi Max,

Thank you for your post.

I’ve had a look into the model and it appears that it isn’t hidden geometry, rather it’s the actual edges/lines of the component. In it’s individual file the edges have been turned off (go to ‘View > Edge Style > Edges’) which would be why it’s appearing the way that it is. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass it onto the team to fix it up.

To fix the component, what I would recommend to do is to select the lines, then soften and smooth the edges/lines which can be found as tickbox options in the ‘Entity Info’ window in SketchUp (right-click on the component to bring up the Entity Info window). To make it quicker and easier for you I would also recommend to go to Styles and select the ‘Wireframe’ style after when you’re trying to select the edges. See the attached image below for more details.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?
SketchUp Styles - Wireframe.jpg

Hi Max, it is very unusual for a BimBits Model to be like that, this one was done by the manufacturer and not by our guys. Basically, all of those lines are not needed unless you are photo rendering as they slow down large models. Don’t forget that there are components inside of PlusSpec they are optimised and will work for 2D and 3D presentations.