BIM Unit Prices


I am unable to find where I can define the costs of the materials that are offered for selection in the various tools.

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The software outputs the break down of materials and you will notice that there is a print function at the top right hand side.
You can email or fax this to your local supplier yet in the not too distant future you will have a lot more functionality in this area. Unfortunately that is all I can say at this time.
It is important that you allow for wastage. a good example is with the timber quantities. you may select a 2400 wall yet the software automatically deducts the top and bottoms plates and gives you a cut length. The cut length is then added to all cut lengths and gives a total lineal metre of material. The reason you need to add waste is over 100 studs you will be 5 studs short. Just so you know we are currently working on this.
I build homes with this software every day and it increases my profit margin by at least 10% as waste is al but eliminated.
My bricklayer has given up on ringing me saying that he is going to run out bricks as we can get as close as 80 bricks over 18000.
Thanks again for asking questions, how did you find the tutorials? Or did you figure out how to use it without any help?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply, sounds like the BIM takeoff is working very well for you!

Is it possible to get the takeoff in a format that could be used in a spreadsheet, i.e. XLS or CSV format?

I found Aryan’s tutorial / walk-through to be a great start and overview to the plugin, and the next step of learning has been this forum.

Have to say that I would love to see more tutorials by the PlusSpec Education team, Alice and Chloe. Brilliant!

Thanks, the two little ones are fantastic at drawing. It is amazing how quickly kids pick up technology!