BIM Tool

  1. The dialog does not allow the use of the “dash” character. The vertical-bar in the dialog to the left of the parameter turns red, but does not specifically tell user why the entry is invalid.

  2. Scenario. A user creates a BIM object. User creates a copy of that BIM object (component) via a ctrl-drag with SU’s move tool. Now the user wants to change a BIM parameter. They select one of the BIM objects. Then they select the BIM tool. They then click on the other copy of the BIM object without first closing the BIM tool. Now the BIM object’s SU component definition (a.k.a. BIM Outliner Name) is automatically changed to be unique and given a new name. Is this intended? I find it confusing.

If an object already has been setup as a BIM object and it is subsequently selected by the BIM tool shouldn’t or couldn’t the Dynamic Component Option Dialog open instead? I don’t think the BIM tool should change the component definition s without expressly asking the user to do so.

  1. The BIM tool dialog’s first parameter is named “Outliner Name” which is really the Outliner (component’s) Definition.

4. Shouldn’t there be a UNIT OF MEASURE (UM) BIM parameter such as: Foot/Meter, Roll, etc., in order to properly calculate cost. Also, a minimum order quantity if applicable (for instance you might only be able to buy a minimum of a 200’ Roll of Tyvek house wrap). If a user defines a TIMBER object, then its length would have to be determined. ? Possibly how the length value could be determined would be having the user pick either the x,y, or z axis of the component when it is created, then the longest edge along that axis would be used as the value of the object ?

Hi John,

I’ve spoken with the Developers in an effort to better answer your questions! :slight_smile:

  1. Dash can’t be used because it breaks DC components
    2a - Fixed this, will be available next release
    2b - DC attributes menu can’t be used because it doesn’t have all the fields and isn’t always available (non-pro)
    2c - the definition shouldn’t ever been changed - common instances will still be sharing the same definition.
    3 - Yes, the “outliner name” is just the “definition name”, it reflects the intended use (what name appears in the outliner)
    4 - BIM Tool is intended for items that are estimated by quantity, there’s features coming for other stuff soon.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:



Hi Dan,

  1. Perhaps this should be documented via a mouse-over of that field or updating the error statement when a dash is used.
    2a. :slight_smile:
    2b. Non-Pro users: I should have known that.
  2. I was suggesting, for the sake of consistency, that the PlusSpec dialog should use “Outliner Definition” instead.
  3. Can’t wait to the other features.

Thanks for the reply. Now to wait for the World Cup’s game today.