BIM Tool / TakeOff Questions

Hi Folks,

Am trying to add some additional dynamic components to my projects and have them included in the PlusSpec take-off. I have managed to do this to have the number of individual custom components included in the quantity calculations, but need to have other attributes reported on.

Namely, I need calculate the accumulated lengths of components per class.

Could you give me some insight into how I might get these custom components to be recognised by PlusSpecs takeoff.


Further investigations reveal that its the Materials in PlusSpec that appear to be the key.

I gather that you have a table of pre-defined Materials that have attributes that define whether the object is to be included in the TakeOff as a Length ( as in the timber framing elements ) or as an Area ( as in cladding or gyprock or concrete slabs). Is there anyway we are able to create / define / edit our own custom materials to allow us to extend our building objects? Would be of great benefit to many users I suspect.


You will have the ability to do this soon. We are working on a custom tool. Can you send or attach an example of the type of components you are using. We have many that will be available soon for registered users. They are powerful and light.

Thanks Andrew, thats pleasing news.