Bim tool - reporting error (from today)

:bim-tool: Across the board - Creating several different BIM items and saving.

Go into reporting and the component quantities and names are being added together as one - so it’s showing the last entity saved as that name and then adding the quantities of the previous components to it.


Component 1 - quantity one
Component 2 - quantity one
Component 3 - quantity one

Report shows name as Component 3 (last saved name) - so only shows the last entry and shows the quantity as THREE (so combines the quantity of all previous components).

When you go into the entry manager all is good - all three components are showing. When you go into the PlusSpec BIM tool it also shows that they are all okay as separate entities.

So the problem just lies with the reporting. This error has only occurred today.

Hi Jeffery,

The cause of this is because all 3 components have the same item code. The Take-off tool picks up each component by the item code and not the name. This is because 2 items may have the same name but different item codes due to size or weight and so on.

So if you change the item code in each of these components then you will notice when you do an estimate that it will be working as normal.

Kind Regards


Not a bug

Good to hear that its sorted :slight_smile:

Kind Regards