BIM attributes assigned via BIM Tool to Components

I am wondering if the following would be useful:

1- In the BIM Tool dialog have a “Copy BIM attributes from” option. Then the user could use the mouse to select an existing BIM object’s attributes. A BIM dialog for that selected object would then appear. The user could then adjust any of the parameters.

2- Also, a “Copy BIM Attributes” in the Plus Spec menu. The user would pre-select objects, then choose the option from the menu. Only those objects without existing BIM attributes would remain selected and the user would then be able to choose an object from which to copy its attributes. The attributes would be copied to EACH INDIVIDUAL object within the selection.

3- I noticed that when using SU’s context menu option “Save As” for a selected component, that its BIM info is not saved with the exported component. Could this be done. It could make updating BIM info in a model faster.


Thank you for the ideas. With the third point, I will talk to someone about this and see if it’s possible.

Hi John, a couple of questions.
In Item 1 . If you are copying the attributes yet assigning them to different geometry, would it not be the case that the information did not resemble the geometry? Can you give me an example where you would use the same info for different geometry? Usually I would simply copy the “Bim’d” component and paste when creating 2 identical objects. This way it would be accounted for in the take off. Have I interpreted your post correctly?

Item 2 I assume you want this functionality so you can add information to an existing model with existing components? You will notice that the BIM tool :bim-tool: has a layer option. You could assign a layer to the items you’d attributed and then turn it off. This way you could easily see the items that were not accounted for. I hope I am on the right track here?. If you have a model I could see as an example it would be much appreciated.
On the other hand if you had a model that already had existing components inside of it and you wanted to attribute all similar components then there is a great way to do this. Simply triple click the component, then select the BIM tool and write in the information. TIP: I suggest putting the component on its own layer in the BIM tool (just in case someone has made a component unique) This way you can quantify thousands of pre drawn components in seconds. This method is my favourite for quantifying existing Sketchup models. :smiley:

Item 3. I was not aware of this as I do not usually use the save as command in context click. An example of how I go about creating a library of components is: I usually use the component dialogue that comes with Sketchup >windows > component. I then click on the home button and drag the components into my library. See image below. Are you creating another library elsewhere for collaboration ?
This is how I do it and the information is saved for later use.
Creating a library of BIM components in Sketchup.jpg