Beta Updates

Latest beta release: 4th November 2013. To be notified of new releases, subscribe to this topic.
Latest version can be downloaded here.
Before updating, you should delete C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/rubysketch/ and C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/ Google SketchUp 8/Plugins/rubysketch/

Only releases from 8th August 2013 onwards are listed.

Release Notes:

  • 8th August 2013[list]
    [*] Add: Wall move Tool :push-pull-walls:
  • Add: Wall projection option
  • Add: Wall join option
  • Add: Wall select connected option
  • Update: Material/Product Selection
  • Update: Tutorial updated to use new resources
  • Fix: Window/Door components occasionally sized incorrectly
    ]8th August 2013 (2)
  • Fix: Wall move tool now appears in toolbar
  • Fix: Login page now loads correctly
  • Fix: Wall move and wall projection no longer flood the undo stack

Update 15th August 2013

  • Add: Experimental Wall re-define Tool :redefine-wall:
  • Update: More materials added
  • Fix: Skillion/Gable Wall pitches incorrect

Update 16th August 2013

  • Fix: Slab tool occasionally failed to generate proper geometry

Update 20th August 2013

  • Update: Non-mitred walls will have their vertical boundaries hidden.
  • Update: Renamed sticky walls to push-pull walls

Update 23th August 2013

  • Add: Opening Redefine Tool :-opening-redefine-tool:
    [*] First click to select opening

  • Click again to select anchors

  • Click two points to define the delta vector (how to move)

  • Press [kbd]DEL[/kbd] once the window is selected to remove it
    ] Update: New Icons[/:m]
    ] Update: Push-Pull walls now has 3 modes

  • By default joining walls will be modified to remain connected

  • Press [kbd]CTRL[/kbd] to swap to additive mode (joining walls will be added)

  • In additive mode, press [kbd]Insert[/kbd] to swap to strict additive mode (joining walls will be added even if parallel)

] Update: Pressing [kbd]Enter[/kbd] will now end the current wall segment. Press [kbd]CTRL[/kbd] + [kbd]Enter[/kbd] to close the loop[/:m]
] Update: Angle is now shown in slab and roof tools[/*:m][/list:u]

Update 2nd September 2013

  • Update: New Icons
  • Fix: Internal Errors
  • Fix: Take-off now excludes hidden items
  • Fix: Take-off now properly excludes existing items.

Update 26th September 2013

  • Add: Alpha Joist/Flooring Tool :floor-joist-tool:
  • Add: “Select Adjacent Walls” option on right-click
  • Add: “Face from walls” options on right-click
  • Add: Pressing [kbd]CTRL[/kbd] while moving a window will produce a copy
  • Update: On tools that display an angle, you can specify the angle using Xd,L. For example 45d,1200mm will produce a 1.2m “line” at 45degrees to the X-Axis
  • Update: Pressing [kbd]UP[/kbd] while using wall-redefine tool ( :redefine-wall: ) will lock movement on the Z-Axis
  • Update: Added more materials
  • Update: Push-pull walls ( :push-pull-walls: ) is now in additive mode by default. Press [kbd]CTRL[/kbd] to return to modify mode
  • Fix: Inference locking no longer leaks between tools
  • Fix: Redefine-opening ( :-opening-redefine-tool: ) should be more lenient when accepting input.

Update 31st October 2013

  • Add: Wall cavity override in :wall-tool:
  • Add: Test “one time” fields for layer options in :wall-tool: The value used will only be saved/overwritten if put in the uppermost input box
  • Update: Settings for :floor-joist-tool: are now remembered
  • Update: Settings for :floor-joist-tool: can now be changed after generation
  • Update: When moving only the top of an opening using :-opening-redefine-tool: , the overall height is no longer maintained. Instead the opening will be stretched, much like when moving the sides
  • Update: Changed the order of the tools
  • Fix: Fixed a crash experienced by some users when using :-opening-redefine-tool:
  • Fix: Removed global variable leakage
  • Fix: Post tool visualisation

Update 4th November 2013

  • Add: Test Simplified Post Tool
  • Fix: Possible fix for users with lower user privileges
  • Fix: Removed imaginary cavity from single brick walls

Update 4th February 2014

Warning: When updating to this version, you must uninstall previous versions.

To uninstall:
SketchUp 8

  • From C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Sketchup 8\Plugins delete rubysketch.rb and the folder rubysketch

SketchUp 2013

  • From C:\Program Files (x86)\Sketchup\Sketchup 2013\Plugins delete rubysketch.rb and the folder rubysketch

All Versions

  • Press [kbd]windows key[/kbd] + [kbd]r[/kbd], type %APPDATA%\rubysketch in the dialog that appears and press OK.
    [list][]If a folder appears, delete the following (if each exists) ponumber.txt and the folders .loadpath, loadpaths and plusspec
    [*]Press [kbd]windows key[/kbd] + [kbd]r[/kbd], type %LOCALAPPDATA%\rubysketch in the dialog that appears and press OK.

  • If a folder appears, delete the following (if each exists) ponumber.txt and the folders .loadpath, loadpaths and plusspec
    Patch Notes:

  • Add: Stair Tool ( :stair-tool: )

  • Add: Scene Generator ( :scene-gen: ) [replaces template]

  • Add: Grid Tool ( :grid-tool: )

  • Add: BIM Tool ( :bim-tool: )

  • Update: Material and Component sort order is more logical

  • Update: Removed opening remove tool ( :opening-remove: ). To remove openings, hold control when using :-opening-redefine-tool:

  • Update: Textures are now more file-space efficient

  • Update: Old post tool removed

  • Update: New Icons

  • Update: Grouped Similar tools to make toolbar more manageable

  • Update: Automatic layering should be more flexible and appropriate

  • Update: Takeoff Template

  • Fix: Takeoff failures

  • Fix: Rounding Errors in takeoff and DC display

  • Fix: Layer references when selecting no material

  • Fix: Various other internal and minor changes et al.