Hi Beta Testers,

Here you can comment on the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Tool.

All your thoughts would be great to hear.

Kind Regards

Hi Guys,

Couple of quick interface comments,

  • Introducing new pipe into a group does not include that pipe in the group. Requires explode and regroup etc
  • The arrows are a little hit and miss atm as I rarely see my axis lines… any chance of piggy backing SU16 inferencing here?

Wish list,

  • Lineal meters! Any chance of including this in the BIM?
  • Ability to introduce a custom material i.e. high/low pressure for mech, medical air, electrical cables, sprinkler/hydrant, rehau etc
  • Rectangles for ridged duct and cable trays


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting.

  • Yes you are correct, It is drawing outside of a group or component. This is something we will hopefully fix for the official release.
  • We will be working on this to make it easier to use. Try use the grid tool when drawing your pipes. It makes it much easier to draw with.

Wish List

  • Not that I have heard of but I will bring it up with the team and we will chat about it.
  • This will be on our cards for the future. Most likely won’t be included in the first 2016 release.
  • You can change the circle accuracy to 4 and it will become square but currently this is not possible to do. This is an other item that I will bring up with the team.

Kind Regards