Beam question

Does Plus Design Build have detailed cutting lists?
e.g. For a wall does it give you all the measurements and angles to cut each length of timber to make the frame?
Additional question, what about a steel beam that has an angle on the top, does it tell you what angle to cut that beam at?

Hi Scott, yes, PlusDesignBuild gives detailed cutting lists and framing measurements, steel beam angles, and lengths that can be further detailed to your liking when using Sketchup 22 Up. I am pretty sure there was a similar post on this forum last week ( ). Scott, If you don’t have Sketchup 22 or 23, it can be purchased with PlusDesignBuild (Sketchup is included in the price)
Wall frame panel  drawing and estimating example for pre fabricated frames drawn in PlusDesignBuild for Sketchup.jpg
PlusDesignBuild has wall framing penalization automation which delivers the following:
*Wall panel drawings
*Wall panel layout drawing.
*Dimensioned Studs, headers, plates beams, jack studs, cripple studs etc
*option to export each wall per page
*Option to dimension walls inside Sketchup

  • Option to override existing scenes with changes
  • Wall numbering
    *Unit of measure override for imperial and metric, including fractional dimensioning
  • Choose paper size for wall layouts and wall frame details Arch A, Arch B, Arch C, Arch D or A4, A3, A2, A1, AO Legal, tabloid etc.
    Wall panel drawing plan elevation Gable dimensioned plates .jpg
    Steel beam detailing and quantities for drafting estimating in PlusDesignBuild for Sketchup.jpg