Bay Windows


I know there are corner windows in the components but is there a simple way to create a bay window?



Hi Joe, thanks for your suggestion. You can add anything in PlusSpec as you are working in Sketchup, you can associate information with it & save the component for next time . I get it though you want to do it as quickly as everything else. We are happy to add in Bay Windows, can you let us know which manufacturers you are using? We can get in contact and add them and give teh functionality to add bays just like any other window. Our goal is to make PlusSpec faster to design with, estimate with and build with, your feedback is well received.

To get you up and going in the interim here are the steps to follow

  1. Download a bay window here is an example … rvin?hl=en
  2. Select the component, right-click & Use the BIM tool so you can estimate the window. Here is a how to video:
  3. Go to components in Sketchup 17 and click the home icon, scroll until you find the bay window, then right-click and select “save as” add the bay window to a folder this way you can use it next time.
  4. Place the window against your Plusspec wall (take note of height, type it in the dialog (Next step)).
  5. Right click the wall and select window. TIP: Select none at the very top of the list.
    6 Click the left and right-hand side and PlusSpec will cut the opening for you & you are done.

If the window has a nib wall under you can simply draw a wall under.

Something you may not know you can, also split a wall 4 times and select the midle wall then push “CTRL” pull the wall and the 2 adjoining walls will splay ( you may want to add some guides)
Creating a bay window or splayed walls in PlusSpec.jpg