Back up

Just a quick question. Where are all the recipes etc that I build within plusspec saved ? Do I need to back these up externally ?
I have csv backups of material and component lists. I have spent a lot of time setting up recipes and am pretty happy with where it is so want to make sure there’s no risk of losing them.

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The recipes are stored in the back end of PlusDesignBuild ONLY, I know we developed recipe backup and Sync Im pretty sure this is how to do it: Grant can you confirm

  1. Go to Extensions at the top of Sketchup
  2. Click PlusSpec
  3. Click Sync
  4. Click Upload first a prompt will come up, and Click Ok in the notification.
  5. Click Download

If you created new recipes in the interim, they will combine with your original recipes

Hi guys,

Here’s the location of the Sycn Takeoff Tool which will allow recipes to be backed up.
Sync Takeoff Location.png