Awning or casement??

I’m in a dilemma to choose from the two options, awning or casement? I’m planning to renovate my home. So I need to select the best type of window that blends with my decors. I would also like to know why one is better than the other? Suggestions Pls!

Hi, before I share few points on the two types of windows, may I know how do you expect the windows to blend? What kind of style have you adopted for your interiors? I would always prefer elegant classic window design as they would match any style of interiors. It’s also easy to choose the colors, glass type for classy windows. Awning windows are nothing but traditional casement windows with pivot on hinges mounted at the top. The decision to choose awning windows over other types of windows will depend on the construction of your home, the look you wish to achieve, and price. The cost of awning windows depends on factors such as the material, size, and manufacturer. Casement windows are hinged at the side and crank outward.

I would prefer awning windows better.They provide more air into the room.You can even leave the windows open even while it is raining.