Authorise Failed - Too Many Installs

Hi Folks,

Due to some issues with my install of Win7 x64 running under Parallels on Mac OSX, I have had to reinstall windows and PlusSpec a few times to get things running correctly, I am back up and running, but now PlusSpec is refusing to authorise due to me exceeding the number of installs.

How do I reset this so I may get back up and running. The installs are all done on the same MacBook Pro computer.

Many thanks,


Hey there,

The reason for that is there is only one installation of PlusSpec allowed on each computer. and your machine ID is usually changed when you install a fresh version of windows. I have reset your machine ID and you should be good to go.


Ah ha! Thanks Aryan, all sorted.

Actually, I am having the same problem

Not sure why this happened, My son installed trail SU2014 on his PC and entered my license details but he has since uninstalled it and is using SU Make.

In either case he never installed PlusSpec and it has only be installed on my PC.

It is very frustrating as it appears every time I startup SU 2014 Pro, not just if I want to use / test PlusSpec, so currently I have a $400 error.

Please improve your error checking algorithm so it doesn’t appear on SU startup , only when accessing PlusSpec and

Please develop a simple method for transfering licences from one PC to another, we live in a dynamic world [aka look at how Valiarchitects allows shifting licences]

And can you please reset my license so I can trial my $400 plugin


Hi Garyvn.

Your License ID has been reset and should now allow you to use it on that Machine again.

Thanks for your Feedback regarding the Licensing System

Email if you have any other questions or reply here



THanks Dan,

That worked