arrows and lintels are back

back come the lintels and the arrows are now on the fixed glazing after working on the model and applying scenes


This is due to the layers that you have turned on due to the scenes that you are using. The scenes control the layers, but you are also able to control the layers by turning them on and off.

For an example the ‘arrows’ are on the elevations layer. If you turn the elevations layer off than the arrows will go away but if you tick the elevations layer than the arrows will appear. This is the same for every part of PlusSpec - doors, windows, walls, roofs, cladding, framing, MEP and so on…

Hopefully I was able to help

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MEP tool does not work

Please, I need and know why it does not work. As I am keen to use it to quantify all the services inside the model. MEP tool will not complete the operation on the double click.

Does everything else up to that point


Would you be able to please let me know if an error message appears in the Ruby Console? Can you please send the message to me if one appears?

To check this open the Ruby Console (go to Window > Ruby Console) then try and use the Beam Tool recreating the steps you took to get the message.

Hi Such, I spent a lot of time trying to do this on PC yet could not replicate. Are you using MAC or PC? If you have selected a previous MEP model and then try and draw you will edit the previous which may be the reason. Have you been able to create any pipes? Can you please open the console and copy and paste the text into a PM to Grant, thanks.


Thanks for your reply.

I am using a PC and I can do it every time. I can draw the pipe but when I come to finish and double click it does not complete the operation.

Trying to attach an image??? to show you???

I not sure how the layers effect me completing the operation. What layer has to be on to make MEP work. I only turn layers on-off if I want to look at a particular item. I also have my own default layer starting with zero.

It has to be something simple that is not apparent to me


Hi all,

Just responding to let you know that this issue has been fixed.

The reason for this error was that there was another extension installed which was affecting PlusSpec. After removing this extension the MEP Tool worked again.