Hi guys
why dose the architrave go to eaves when doing a take off? is there a way to change this and input a price?

Hi Myles,

Thank you for your post.

The only architrave that should be appearing on the eaves layer should be external architraves. I believe the reason it was done like this was that it’s installed at the same time as the eaves. Would you be able to please let me know which layer you’d expect it to be on?

What I would recommend to do to change the layer is to go inside of the window and/or door components by double-clicking on them, then assign a new layer for the architraves. Please note that you will need to do this after the window or door has been drawn.

To input a price for the architrave you will first need to select you model (mainly all the walls), then open the Pricing Tool and assign a price to the architraves. Please note that it currently the prices will need to be assigned to the individual architraves (we are looking at changing this in the future).

Would you be able to please let me know if the above works for you?