Any other U.S. General Contractors using PlusSpec?

I’m a New PlusSpec prospective buyer her in the United States. Trying to get a free trial so I can see if this software could replace my other BIM software and to see if this really fits my needs. Any other U.S. users out there that could tell me more about how you are using PlusSpec and how it is working for you?


How are you enjoying your current trial?

Kind Regards

Hi Agradoville, We are general contractors too based in Dallas Tx and just joined the forum to learn more about PlusSpec and see if we could use it for estimating needs. Noticed your post was Jan '16 and was wondering if you had purchased a copy since and if so; how it’s working for you, what type(s) of construction you are involved with and if you are using it for estimating too?
Michael M