Another block wall question

G,day All

Posting from the tropical north where 90% of the houses are built out of masonry blocks.
I’m wondering how the program handles this style of wall re:

  • the placement of bond beam courses
  • the breakdown of fractional blocks eg: halves, three quarters, half heights etc. in takeoffs.


HI teebone, at the moment we have not gone into individual brick types as drawing 6000 individual bricks would be geometry intensive and slow the program down. I have a few ideas that may help with this in the future yet would be interested to hear if you had something in mind?
We are doing some complex algorithms on a similar type of thing yet the development time is excessive. In the next 12 months I doubt we will have the time to incorporate the blocks and the only work around that I can give at this moment is the BIM tool. You could draw you halves and splits ETC and use them in an array. This will give you an a custom take off. You may want to add them all to a layer and save them to your library for later use, they could also be made dynamic yet the problem still remains regarding total edges and faces.
Thanks for asking, give me some time to think about this I am y come up with a better solution.