amending older plus spec models


I did a job for a client back in 2015 using Plusspec.

They never went through with the alterations and have only now decided to go ahead with a few very minor changes such as windows and doors.
However the model doesn’t allow these changes. Doors get added but no door itself just an opening and suchlike.

Is it better to do the walls with new doors in a new plus spec model space and just cut and paste them into the old model or perhaps cut and paste the old model into a new model space?
I’m about to try this shortly so we’ll see…

Regards Matt

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your post.

What I would recommend to do is delete and redraw the walls that need to be edited (either walls or window/door changes), then add the windows and doors back in. Note: to make it easier for you, what I would do is to just move the wall so that you can place the windows and doors in the same locations then delete the original wall once you’re done.

WOuld you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

I ended up copy and pasting it into a new model space as the ‘new walls’ would revert back to what was originally in the model. It didn’t have the plasterboard walls shown so it certainly an older plus spec model.

I’ll then copy and paste it back so I can reuse the scenes once I’ve completed the changes… I think at this stage anyway.

Regards Matt

Hi Matt,

To help make it quicker and easier for you to do that, what I would recommend to do is to use the ‘Paste In Place’ features of SketchUp. If you select the geometry from the first model then in the second model go to ‘Edit > Paste In Place’ it will paste all the geometry in the same position in the new model, then do the same when you’ve made the changes and pasting back into the original model.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

At the moment the older model overrides the new modelled parts.
If I make a change it reverts back to the older models windows, walls, etc…

I’ll make the changes in a new model space then just paste those in place.

Just a few minor changes so I’ll just work around it. If it was a significant rework on new house, be easier to redraw it I’d guess.

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

The reason the new geometry is getting overwritten would be because components will use already existing components with the same name/definition, information & geometry as a template to create the new geometry from. This helps keep file size down and make changes to similar/same components quicker and easier.

Yes that’s correct. Redrawing the house would probably be easier for larger scale changes but this will also allow you to add/do more with you model.

I would be happy to assist if you have any further enquiries.