amending floor design

Many times I have drawn flooring using the floorjoist-tool and have realised that I have either over drawn or under drawn the size, What is the best way to amend the floor joist eg: add an extra 400mm to the length of the building
with out having to redraw the entire floor?

Hi Monument,

Thank you for your post.

At the moment you aren’t able to modify/redefine the shape of the joists after they’ve been drawn but you can add voids/cutouts and modify those openings. I will pass this suggestion onto the development team for further discussion.

There are two things that I would recommend to do, which are:

  1. Create a temporary floor of the shape with the height/thickness you need using normal SketchUp geometry. This way you can mold the shape to suit they changes and alterations you’re making, then once the design is more finalised, create the floor joists and remove or hide the temporary floor.
  2. Hide the face the joists are created from and if the shape needs to be modified, unhide the face, delete the joists, modify the face, recreate the joists then hide the face again.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

Hi Grant,
Continuing the initial user query from 2017:

Modifying the outline shape of the joist layout AFTER it has been initially drawn would be great to have for Architects.
Has this functionality been added by your development team, by any chance?

It would be fantastic if you could introduce an edit tool for floors, similar the way Revit works:

select a previously drawn floor
click ‘edit’ which takes you inta a ‘sketch mode’ with all other objects greyed out
modify perimeter lines of floor
finish to confirm and voila` the floor dimensions have been updated

As you can imaging, it takes a great deal of design iterations in order to arrive at a ‘final’ design.
The power of Plusspec is downplayed if it is conceived as a tool that suppose to draw objects only once at the final stage of design (perhaps quantity surveyors an builders use the software that way?).

Kind Regards

When creating a face to draw a floor from, essentially the face is the defining factor for the floor. Eg: Right Click wall> select connect walls> Create face at base of walls.
If you alter the face shape or extend as you put it, you can simply right-click that face and select create joists. Sure we could create that face with nodes, however, the time saved would be seconds. I do recommend using the “Levels Tool” in when you draw any model as these really enable you to control your model very quickly. Here is a tutorial on Levels
Like Grant said previously, the add void tool enables you to add voids and essentially cut anything away from joists.