Alterations and Additions

having problems, actually wasting a lot of time, in some small alterations and additions projects.

existing building - say cavity brickwork 3000mm high

proposed building - some walls retained, some demolished down to 2400 high, some walls completely demolished!
within these remaining walls we need to place new windows and doors

eg: difficulty - create the wall, demolish it completely, nothing left to place window and door within
- create the wall, partially demolish it, how do you place a window or door within.

advice would be appreciated.

regards karite

Hi Garry,

There is ways around this so that it is possible to attain. The best way to learn this is via a PlusSpec online training. In the training you will learn all of the tips and tricks of how PlusSpec can work with demolition and existing work.

If you are interested in training you can submit your interest at the link below.

Kind Regards

Hi Karite,

Have you managed to resolve your issues?

Use the BIM tool it si quick and easy. PlusSpec assumes that everything in a wall is to be demolished. I usually draw a rectangle around the new items, EG. Window and then use the BIM tool and add the items to the window layer so all of my quantities come out in the right location for when I place an order