Adding Framing Materials

Hi All,
I am fairly new to creating my timber sizes in Plus Design Build, unsure if this is normal or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I created a new size of timber via the Floor Tool, C16 45 x 195, I also created C16 45 x 95 & C16 45 x 75 (after watching the YouTube on adding multiple similar items). They are all set to the framing category, I then synced the library and followed the onscreen instructions to save, close and re-open the model.
All of the created sizes appeared in the floor tool, which is great.
When I switched to the wall tool and wanted to use the timber sizes created above, they were not on the available list. I tried all the filters on the list but they did not appear.
I then tried creating a new size via the Wall Tool, synced, saved, closed and re-opened the model.
The new size I created via the Wall Tool was available in both the Wall & Floor Tool.
Does this mean if I want new timber sizes in any of the tools that use the Framing Category I have to create them via the Wall Tool? Or am I doing something wrong?
Searched and watched/ read a lot but I can find no reference to this, if anyone can point me in the right direction please help.

I have the work around but it would be nice to know the correct method.

Hi Mark. I’m going to have to test that, but off the top of my head, I can see why the wall tool would create a joist size, but I can understand why the joist tool would not create a stud or top plate size as it would make the material list too long. But I will check and get back to you. @Grant can you chime in here?

Ideally, when you create the material, you have a multi-select drop-down/ check box where you can tick which tools you want the material to appear in.

Is that the ‘Category’ drop down list?
If it is you can only select one of the categories in the list.
Currently I have the same timber size and type twice in my list of materials C16 45 x 95. This is used in this existing property in walls, ceilings and floors.
I understand the selection, this was what I used to do in ArchiCad when creating materials, composites etc.
Can you screen shot the drop down with check boxes I am looking for.

Hi Mark,

There are some materials that when created in one area will appear in other areas (e.g. masonry materials created in the Wall Tool will appear in the Post Tool), but this isn’t the case for framing materials & some other materials. The reason for this is that framing for walls, roofs, floors, etc require a different tag/layer for scenes, the takeoff & more, so they currently need to be created each time.

The ‘Category’ dowpdown list sets the main category the material will appear under in the PlusDesignBuild takeoff. In the current live PlusDeignBuild version you’re able to update the tag & category or materials after they’ve been created via the ‘Edit Tag & BOQ Category’ button under materials fields.

The multi-select dropdown that Andrew mentioned was more of a suggestion of what could be coming in the future. It’s currently with the development team for further discussion.

Hi Grant,
Thanks for this information, i will add the additional duplicate materials.