activation issue

I have an issue with activation.
I could not get PlusSpec to activate, so Zach and Tyler helped me to solve the problem.
It was all good until this morning it went back to the same issue of the Activation box freezing and won’t let me get access PlusSpec in SU.
Does anyone have the same issue?


I am glad the boys helped you out, we try and ensure you guys are up and running ASAP.

I have had a similar issue before Derrick this what happened to me:

When opening a model created in older versions of Sketchup, Sketchup comes up with a little notification, if that notification is behind the screen your computer needs you to close it first before you can do anything inside Sketchup.

You have 2 options try going to your desktop and then back to Sketchup, sometimes it come up on top. If not close Sketchup using CTRL ALT Delete. It is a pain in the backside but this one is a Sketchup thing that we have no control over.