Activation issue


A new year, a  new subscription, a new set of things I have to figure out to do the work I'm trying to do.  :unamused: 

Last week all worked fine, this week the activation window doesn’t show my active account/license. A couple of things that may factor in:

I have switched my email address recently (though before last week, I think) to the one I am now using, but it will only accept my old one at the login.
The subscription renewal last week.
Following the notice of renewal was a request for password change that I did not submit so I did nothing about.
And as always, my supposedly aging computer. I do see that you want a higher operating system than I am running, but that also hasn’t changed since last week.

Any ideas on what to do?



Hi Dawson, I just spoke with Tyler and he said you have this one sorted? It was something to do with logging in with an old registered address but as far as I know, you are up and running? If not please do reach out to the office.
Dawson thanks for resubscribing, we appreciate and love to see all of our clients getting value from PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild.