abstract wall

Hello there,

Just starting to play with Plusspec. Ran into something immediately. I see other people are mentioning similar issues.

I am not able to define my own walls. Also I have to choose from existing products from another part of the world.
During the design phase I don’t need to materialize walls. I just want to focus on creating volumes and spaces.
So that means I need just a shape, abstract walls. And a width I can define on the fly.
In a next phase I should be able to replace the abstract walls with real world materials. And breakup a massive wall into cavities.
Also I like to be able to change the way a wall inserts; inside or outside of the cavities, or centerline.
Or is it me missing a dialog box?

This is essential to me. Without the options above I would feel in a car without a steering wheel.

But I like the conceptual approach of Plusspec, guys, I really would like it to succeed.
Making the step internationally, probably means, putting ‘things’ in a more abstract way.

René Wubs
architect, The Netherlands

Using Vectorworks and Sketchup on a daily basis.
Want to make the big step to BIM, but which software to pick?

Hi René,

Thanks for the Feedback!

I’ll speak to the development team regarding how hard this would be to Implement, it’s something we are working towards in future releases.

Have you had a look at Manual Over-rides Drop Down inside the Wall tool ? - It will allow you to change the Cavity size / External Step Down / Drop Off as pictured below.