A discussion about PlusSpec and Skalp

Hey fellas, I’ve been spending some time learning Skalp and how we can get the best out of it for PlusSpec. I’m slowly setting up Skalp materials to suit various standard building materials sectioned at certain scales so once I have I’ll share here to discuss and try out. One thing that PlusSpec needs to do with composite walls particularly is give each wall section its own layer. [ie brick veneer - timber wall / brick skin.

I’ve attached a few images here for clarity.

And so we get this…

Hi Andrewc,

Thank you for this suggestion!

This is something that we have been discussing ourselves, as it would provide a lot more flexibility (even without Skalp, etc).

If the hatching could be added in PlusSpec without Skalp that would be brilliant.
I guess the hardest part is keeping the hatching clear and sharp once it’s in Layout?

Keep up the good work PlusSpec. It does have a few bugs still but I’m loving it more and more each day…and I don’t even use the BIM capabilities!

Cheers Matt

You’re right, Matt. It would be great to be able to hatch within PlusSpec itself rather than an external plugin. I would much prefer that hatching is done in lines rather than raster images [as Skalp does] because if the clareity in Layout as you mention…

Just trying to get the best out of each combined. Dean, can you let me know if I’m wasting my time because of something ground breaking in hatching!!