3D Virtual Tour?

Hi all,
I’m just wrapping designing and house and wanted to do a 3D virtual tour as part of some marketing material for financing a spec build. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make a 3D virtual tour of the house and property?

Thank you for your question. Just to confirm, would you mean the 3D model viewer or the animation? For reference, you may check our article guide here on how to utilise the 3D model viewer.

For animation, in SketchUp menu tab go to View > Animation > Play

Let us know if this helps.

To walk a client through and around a project you should create scenes in the locations or in the path you’d like to travel.
You can create scenes manual are you using Mac or PC? The quickest way to create scenes is to use the scene tool :scene_tool: and choose the semi render option.( if you’re using a low spec computer it’ll slow Sketchup). Then go to the 1st scene (present) and orbit and zoom until you find the next location you’d like have in your animation. Then right click the Present scene ( at the top) and create new. Continue right clicking the following scenes and creating new until you’re happy you’ve created a scene for everything you need to show.
The scenes will export via/to the 3D model viewer button :3d_model_viewer:
OR, you can export the animation as a video. I think it’s: File>export>animation on PC BTW you can change the frame rate and resolution in the settings.