3D mouse stopped orbiting correctly in Sketchup & Plusspec

I’ve encountered an issue that I cannot fix, and I’m hoping you might have the answer…
Sketchup unexpectedly crashed while I was modeling and it’s changed the way my 3D connexion mouse orbits in sketchup. I thought it might be the mouse so I uninstalled it and updated, but after checking it’s configuration and settings in the 3D connexion app, it’s working perfectly?

When I open Sketchup/plusspec the mouse does the opposite of where I want to go, VERY FRUSTRATING situation!!

Obviously, with this happening I cant navigate the model and I’m sure it’s a setting in Sketchup or plusspec but I just cannot find it anywhere, any suggestions??

Good day Rossco,

Thank you for your forum post. We have just responded to you via Zendesk and have also copied and pasted the reply below for others who may be experiencing this issue.

I just did a quick Google Search for the issue you’re having with SketchUp and managed to find this article by SketchUp which provides you information about your scroll wheel, mouse clicks etc.

In the article, they provide instructions on how to adjust your Scroll button:

1 - Select Window > Preferences.
2 - In the sidebar on the left, select Compatibility.
3 - In the Mouse Wheel Style area, make sure the Invert checkbox is UNticked.
4 - If it is ticked, untick it, Click OK and see whether the scroll problem has resolved.

I’ve also found a forum topic in SketchUp where other SU users have had problems using 3D Connexion space mouses; some users can’t connect their mice after updating SketchUp, and other have the same problem as yourself. Check out the article below as they also provide additional links that may help you out:

3D Connexion Mouse not working

Feel free to respond to the SU forum as it’s a great way to connect with other SU users to help solve common/not-so-common issues in SketchUp! It’s also the No.1 place I go to whenever our customers experience issues such as this.

We are happy to assist if you have any further enquiries.

Hey, this might help as I encountered a similar issue the other day. You know what its like, sometimes you mess with settings, well I do anyway. I changed the OpenGL settings in Sketchup preferences, the computer still worked but then it had a blue screens crash shortly after, I am not sure if the graphics card spat the dummy or Sketchup yet I lost all of my settings. I then had to reload all of my keyboard shortcuts and reload the drivers for my space mouse. Arggghhh.

At the end of the day, I got everything back the way it was supposed to be, so if you have upped the Multisample anti-aliasing and you continue having issues try lowering via the drop down and see if that works.

This is the best way for me to rectify Sketchup crashing was to go to: Window>Preferences>Open GL>Multisample anti-aliasing and lower the “x” value.
I hope this helps.

Rossco one other thing I use a Space mouse yet I always use a 3 button mouse as it is not unusual for the space mouse to stop working.
TIP: Click the scroll wheel to orbit, if you have one of the stupid MAC mouses, throw it as far away as you can because they are absolute rubbish when using SketchUp. You may wnat to consider throwing the MAC with it :laughing: