2nd Row of Windows

Hi Grant, a second row of windows directly above these north facing doors might be nice, but PlusSpec doesn’t want to put windows above even if I tell it to make the header height 3400, way clear of the first header height. Do I have to put fresh section of wall in there?
Window Q.jpg

Hi, I just add a new short wall on top of the lower one, then add the windows in.

It works quite well but would be good to have the ability to add multiple windows above each other.



Thanks MBDesign, there will be a few cases where you need a work-around I expect, and you could then make some edits to the structure I suppose.

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your post.

Depending on the result you’re after, there are a few different options that I would recommend to do which I’ve explained below.

  1. Add a highlite above the door. To do this make the height of the door (‘Header Height’) the overall opening height then select the edit Window/Door Tool and click on the door to bring up the Door Tool and Edit Window/Door dialogs (they might appear behind each other). Next go to the Edit Window/Door dialog and edit the the fields highlighted in the image below to add the highlite (the ‘Max. Door Height’ field only sets the door height and the residual will be the highlite height).

Door Highlites.png

  1. Add the window somewhere next to the door (it doesn’t need to be the correct size at the moment) and use the Redefine Window/Door Tool to move the window above the door then change the sizes of the window. Please note if materials get removed from the window you will need to use the Edit Window/Door Tool to reapply them.

  2. Add a new short wall add add the window to that (like MBDesign suggested).

Would you be able to please let me know if these work for you?

This was interesting, Grant, I worked out how to follow you in putting highlights above sliding doors, however it seems these can only be fixed. To put (automatic motorised) awning windows up there I made them on the side and moved them into position. That was pretty neat but the structure didn’t update quite right so I edited one of the studs which fixed all of them and then deleted the lintel left over from the first window, I think we could do without it since the one above has a lintel which is carrying all the load. Looks good now, thanks

Grant, now I’m having trouble re-tracing those steps to adding a highlight in option-1. Can you give me breadcrumbs to that ‘Edit Window/Door Tool’ dialog with the Highlight field? I’m being careful in case its under one of the others. I can get to the door tool from either Door Redefine or Door Options and right clicking, to raise the original header height OK and then a ‘Component Options’ dialog comes up along with the ‘Door Tool’ but where to from here?

Hi Arnold,

It appears to me that perhaps the door you’re trying to edit has been draw in an older version of PlusSpec. If you open a new SketchUp file, draw a wall in it and add a door to the wall does the same dialog appear?

To get the Edit Window/Door dialog to appear you can do one of two things.

  1. Select the Edit Door Tool from the PlusSpec toolbar (click on the door icon first and a sub menu will appear) then left-click on the door.
    2, Right-click on the wall and select ‘+ WINDOWS/DOORS > Add Door’ then left-click on the door.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

I’m having trouble following your steps here, Grant, the Pluspec toolbar has a ‘Door Tool’. That brings up a sub toolbar with four buttons; 1 the door tool, 2 the door redefine tool, 3 door options and 4 remove door.
Your second option I can follow. Create a door and then the right click menu includes ‘edit window/door’ but what opens is shown in the pic below.
I doubt if I’ve got an old version since this worked for me two weeks ago and the welcome splash screen tells me my PlusSpec version is up to date and I’ve synced several times today.
edit door dialogs.jpg

Hi Arnold,

I tested it out further and there appears to be an issue with the Sliding Middle Door. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it will be updated in the next version.

From my testing the other door options are working fine and will bring up the dialog you’re looking for.