23 update issue?

Hi there,

I just installed the latest update while into a project. I’ve had to update my walls with the new options, which seems fine, but I don’t see wall frames now. Is that expected? They don’t quantify in the takeoff either.



Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

Here’s a link to the previous version that should fix your issue for now.


Hey Dawson, if you download the latest update (7/3/2023), you can access frames and a few new goodies. Dawson, we did this under a grandfather clause so existing users before this release do not lose functionality.

Hi again,

I did get that update and the framing seems to be working again. Now however, I have just begun with layout and I can’t get it to generate scenes. Am I supposed to be getting a different package? These seem like odd effects of an upgrade…



Hi Dawson,

We’ve come across & currently fixing an error with the Arch D option in the Layout Tool which is probably the issue here. Until it’s released we do have a temporary fix, which I’ll get someone from the office to send you.

Will this temporary fix work for me? If not is there away for me to use PlusDesignBuild in a older version of Sketchup?

Hi KenW,

I believe the temporary fix may also work for you. Please reach out to info@rubysketch.com & someone will send you the details.

Hi guys I just loaded the latest Sketchup 23 update today and it appears the issue is fixed… However, I am seeing strange black geometry inside Sketchup now and the only way to get rid of it is to save the Sketchup model close and open. We have spoken to the team at Sketchup but we do not have an eta.