2 storey house

I think I have a pretty good understanding now of drawing a single storey house, but today I had to start a 2 storey and froze :confused:

As plusspec doesn’t use levels (like in Revit) I didn’t know how to go about this and I looked for a tut but couldn’t find anything.

Do you have a tutorial, or could we have a tutorial on drawing a simple 2 storey home, say b/v lower level and clad upper level, just to see the procedure in drawing something like this.
Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

I have pasted a link below that will take you too a tutorial that will give you the basics on drawing a first floor in PlusSpec.

youtube.com/watch?v=MJr5fzc … yA0d9lIZmA

Any questions on this please post here and I will help.

Kind Regards

WOW! thankyou Dean!

When I went searching thru the Rubysketch you tube page I never came across this set of tutorials :astonished: Why is this?

I have actually been finding find it a little difficult to search for specific tutorials. for example with this particular tut I typed “first floor” and this link didn’t come up?

This is like christmas :astonished: :laughing:

OMG I know what I’m doing today :wink:

Hi Sam,

That is our pleasure.

This is because these are old tutorials, currently we are in the process of creating a full length tutorial similar to the one I linked in my comment above.

The best way to search for our tutorials is by clicking on the “?” in each tool, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about check my image below. By clicking on the “?” it will take you to all the tutorials directed to that tool.

For Tutorials..jpg

That is great to hear :smiley: Enjoy!!

Kind Regards