1.3.1 to 1.3.3

Hey Daniel,

Well I total deleted my US versions of 1.31 PlusSpec plugins from my SU2014 plugins directory and did a fresh install using the US.exe and the US plugins on my Windows 7 desktop computer.

The fresh install seemed to work. I checked the version level in SU Preferences > Extensions and it showed version 1.3.3. I experimented with PlusSpec for a couple hours and then logged out of SU.

BUT, unfortunately, the installation coincided with my temp version expiration date (I have never been able to successfully get my real license to be recognized) . When I tried re-entering my account name and password and, of course, as in previous cases was told I had no more eligibility for extending (even though I have never requested an extension of my temp version since our last attempt to rectify the issue).

So perhaps there is something buried in my Windows 7 registry or hidden on my harddrive that needs to be purged ??? With that, perhaps there needs to be an additional uninstall/purge utility available? Something seems to be getting in the way of transitioning from the temp to the yearly license.

You can contact me via email if you wish. I will check my email periodically today and 13 hours from now (which would be 8pm, GMT+8) incase you are sleeping now … : :wink:

Hi John,

I’ve sent you an email! :slight_smile:



Thanks, Daniel.

It appears things are straightened out.

Hi JClements,

That is good to hear. We hope that you are enjoying PlusSpec.