Door edit tool lagging

Hi Dawson,

I know that on Mac’s there is a ‘Loading…’ message that appears similar to this but it only takes about 1 second for the dialog to appear correctly so I believe it may just be something to do with your computer as you’ve had other lag issues in the past.

Does this issue happen all the time in different models or was it a one off thing?

HI Grant,

It has been happening with all of my models, simple or not so simple. It does seem to be not as bad sometimes, but I don’t know what the factor is. Possibly working with only the 2nd options dialogue, not the main window defining dialogue? I don’t know yet.

What else could it be? I am working with the latest Sketchup, all of my 3rd party extensions are disabled. (PlusSpec is the only “unsigned” one of the bunch. Does that mean not recognized by Sketchup?)

The fact that I can bring up the dialogue by clicking on an other menu, doesn’t mean that I can change options. It seems it has already seized by that point. I wish we could figure this out, it’s making the using quite hard at the window stage.



Hi, Playing with trying to narrow down factors: I find that indeed if I just adjust secondary options like # of glazing, it will continue ok. If I try to change the main options like window type, Architrave, it seizes. and I have to restart. Why would those options be compromising the rest of Sketch up?


Hi Dawson,

I’m not able to replicate this issue but it sounds like it might have something to do with your computer as we’ve had only one other user have lag issues on a Mac that couldn’t be explained but the lag issue appeared to be gone when they tried it one a different computer. Do you have a second computer that you could try and replicate the issue?

The reason that PlusSpec appears as “unsigned” in the Extensions Manager is because only extensions from the SketchUp Extensions Warehouse are recognised as “signed”. This won’t affect the performance of PlusSpec.

Hi Dawson, it freezes at that point for me too. I thought it was just me.

Hi Kelsch,

Nice to hear! Sort of… As you’ve probably seen, it seems to be something about our computers. Are you on a Mac? I am also having trouble with handrails. what about you? Do you have any thoughts on what it’s about? I don’t seem to be able to pin it down.


I have been working away at figuring this all out, and in lots of ways it’s been great. I do still however, have this window editing lag issue. [size=1] Roblox Guides[/size]

Hi Grant, I seem to be having all kinds of issues with window & door tool lag as well. Lagging on load and also when changes are made to them. It’s now occurring in walls tool. This is really slowing my work flow down. I’ve tried another computer (mac) and it’s still happening.

I haven’t been at it much these days, but I rarely have the outliner open. What else could cause this? I feel like it’s connected to the BETA window/door edit tool. costly when it has to be used with every change to windows and doors…

Hi Spice Agent; I am using windows and not experiencing any lag so it would be good to know a little more. ( I will test it on MAC once i know a little more)
How many doors are in the wall? Are there one or two doors or is it a super long wall with 20 doors? If this is the case: the fastest way to make windows and doors work faster on a wall that has more than 3 or 4 doors is to split the wall when you have multiple doors in one wall.

  1. right-click wall
  2. Choose +Walls> +Wall operation> Split wall
  3. Edit your door.

Note if a timber frames wall is more than 6m or 18 feet it will come in multiple sections as these are generally the maximum timber sizes a builder can purchase.


  1. Pinning your default tray on Windows or closing other dialogs on Mac will make your computer run faster. They don’t need to be closed they simply need to be minimised, the reason being is that your computer is trying to show you information at the same time as it is trying to alter that info, this is particularly evident if you have your Tags/Layers dialog open when adding windows and doors.
  2. When adding or editing walls ensure you are on using the “ALL” scene. this way you will not get the intersect geometry pop up.
  3. If you are using PlusDesignBuild click on the green “see all” button in the dialog before editing, this way you will not get the intersect geometry pop up.
  4. Ensure you are using the latest version as we are constantly making improvements and, there is a big one coming that will make windows and doors work 5x faster.

Emily! By jove, you might be on to something there! I did minimize all my dialogs in sketchup (that were object related. styles, colours, and shadows were still open) and so far I seem to be able to manipulate windows as I like! Can it be??? and what does it mean ultimately? I do like having entity info open at least. I may narrow it down some yet, but this might be the biggest breakthrough in the matter yet!

Pat yourself on the back and tell everyone! I hope it sticks… :smiley: I’ll let you know…



Some Macs don’t play nice when multiple dialogs are open, especially the Outliner. Dawson, I always minimise my default tray, but it is easier on a PC. Maybe you should get a PC and enjoy the freedom. LOL
Glad you solved your issue. BTW if you are adding 5+ windows and doors on a wall, there is a good chance the wall is too big to build, and materials will generally not come in sizes greater than 6m or 18ft (Timber, trim, cornice, crown, gyprock/dry wall etc etc). I always split walls in increments of 6 metres maximum ( I usually split walls on an internal wall where permitted).
TIP if you are using PlusDeisgnBuild, it is vital to split walls before adding junctions.